Hi everyone,

If you read my blog then you'll know that I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease just over four years ago. In August, I was in the hospital for a routine check-up and met a new doctor on the team. We were chatting about my case for a while and all seemed ok. Two weeks later, I received a letter in the post informing me that I had an appointment to have a colonoscopy done two days later! I had an appointment the day that it was scheduled so I had to reschedule it. I received another letter a few days later from the doctor that I met telling me that the team had discussed my case and wanted me to have a couple of tests done quite urgently.

For anyone that doesn't know what a colonoscopy is, it's a test where they place a camera up your you know what so that they can see your rectum and entire colon. It can also reach the last part of the small intestine called the ileum. I've dodged having a colonoscopy done for years but this doctor wasn't letting me away with it! Everyone always thinks it's so strange when they find out that I've never had one done before but the reason I didn't have one done was because there was too much inflammation in my intestines when I was sick and they didn't want to chance that any perforation would occur during the procedure.

My appointment date came and it was scheduled for last Tuesday which was the day before I started in Dublin City University (DCU). I was quite anxious about it because I didn't know how I would be after the test and I didn't want to miss my first day of a new college. I'm sorry for what I'm about to say to anyone who is going to have a colonoscopy done but I'm going to be completely honest. KLEAN PREP IS THE MOST VILE THING THAT I HAVE EVER HAD TO GO THROUGH. Your preparation starts a week before you have to go for the colonoscopy. You have to avoid certain foods which was grand and then at 3pm the day before the test you have to start drinking Klean Prep.

You have four sachets that you dilute with a litre of water each and you're supposed to drink 250ml every ten minutes so that your bowel is clear for the procedure the next day. The only way to describe the taste is like swallowing vanilla scented salt water. You can dilute it with miwadi but I ended up having to drink straight miwadi before I could take a taste and then I washed it down with more straight miwadi. I started at 3 15pm and I was still up at 3am finishing it and by finishing it I mean that I got through two and a half sachets in 12 hours!!

I was annoyed at myself for struggling so much with it but it literally reduced me to tears after half a glass at the thought that I was going to have to struggle through four litres of this crap. Once the Klean Prep starts working, I advise you to stay very close to a bathroom! I gave up at 3am after the two and a half sachets because things were clear (if you get me) and I was really tired too. I wasn't scared about having the colonoscopy, I was more anxious that they would find anything!

I was in chatting with some women in the dressing room when a nurse came looking for me. I went out and was brought into a room to have the cannula put into my arm and sat up on a bed. It was only after around five minutes of chatting to the nurse that I realised I was in the procedure room! A few minutes later, the doctor put some sedation in the cannula and I felt a bit relaxed but I was still completely aware of what was going on. The colonoscopy began and I watched everything that was being done on a screen and asked about 1,0000 questions (the poor doctor)! There were a few moments of cramping and discomfort but they didn't really bother me as they passed after a few seconds.

My biopsies won't be back for a few weeks but there were no signs of any inflammation anywhere which I was delighted about! That was my experience of having a colonoscopy. In short, Klean Prep is evil and the colonoscopy is absolutely nothing to be worried about!


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